Sports Photography


Sports Photography

Sport is pure human drama. It is the ultimate expression of human effort, energy, passion and resilience. It is always in motion. There are few still moments. To capture a dramatic event into the frames of a photograph is dauntingly difficult. This is the task of the sports photographer. We have all been captivated at one time or another by a striking sports image. Be it the penalty kick missed by Ronaldo or the hand of Thierry Henry that sends France into the World Cup, sports images are what incites the common people to follow a sport. Sports photography is what brings these images into the newspapers or websites that we see.

This set of articles examines the ins and outs of sports photography. What does it take to be a good sports photographer? How can digital SLR cameras be used? How to take good pics in fast moving sports (e.g. extreme sports) or in difficult lighting conditions (indoors)? There are also some nice tips to follow to get good results pretty quickly.

Unlike photojournalism or photography, sports photography cannot be learnt in a formal setting. Only practical experience can make a good sports photographer. These few tips and info will help you get on the right track, and maybe avoid a few costly mistakes. Follow the links below for more information.

  1. What does it take to be a good sports photographer?
  2. Digital Sports Photography
  3. Extreme Sports Photography
  4. Indoor Sports Photography
  5. Sports Photography Tips
  6. Freelance Sports Photography
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